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10183 02/06/18 0825
name: Charlotte
Difficult tu use

10182 02/06/18 0825
name: Charlotte
Difficult tu use

10181 01/06/18 1925
name: Yee-Ping Ching
160 Hanna Way

10180 01/06/18 1503
name: Charlotte
Difficult tu use

10179 29/05/18 2017
name: Ulrich Bornhauser
Sankt Augustinerstr 113
28921361, Packstation 106

10178 29/05/18 2016
name: Ulrich Bornhauser
Sankt Augustinerstr 113
28921361, Packstation 106

10177 29/05/18 2016
name: Ulrich Bornhauser
Sankt Augustinerstr 113
28921361, Packstation 106

10176 21/06/17 1129
name: webmaster
Thank you Pamela for pointing that out
Now corrected

10175 21/06/17 0543
name: Pamela
Dear sirs.Good day

Please check the event of amateur riding star,the name of competitors are completely incorrect.

Please modify as soon as possible you can.

Best regards

10174 28/05/17 1249
name: Lassi piero
Results over 50 ballroom standard

10173 19/03/17 1931
name: vincenzo de simone
senior 1 latin professional R/star LATIN

10172 27/02/17 0936
name: ivdcresultsplease

10171 17/09/16 1701
name: webmaster
You need to contact the organiser about this

10170 16/09/16 1903
name: Aleksandr
Where are mistakes in Junior 2 ST results at Autumn star-2016.Where were 25 couples and the judges were another. Chekc it please.

10169 03/08/16 1302
name: webmaster
We have little control over which results get uploaded to the scrutelle website, as this choice is left to the scrutineer. We merely provide this facility as part of their annual l subscription

I am forwarding question to the scrutineer for Merlion 2014 & 2015

10168 03/08/16 1123
name: tzy-cit

I would like to know the results for Merlin international dancesport championship 2016.

As I know of, they were published last year, but we are unable to access this year.

Please rectify! Thanks ;)

10167 02/06/16 1239
name: webmaster
Estelle says:

Dear Lawrence
May I suggest you contact Sandra Wilson re any changes as the names on the website are a direct copy of the programme.
Kind regards
Estelle Grassby

10166 02/06/16 1043
name: Lawrence Chan
Some countries representations were wrong

10165 30/05/16 1410
name: webmaster
You can view the publish dates by clicking the link on the Blackpool results page

These dates are laid down by Blackpool Festival

10164 30/05/16 1400
name: Francesco

I wanted to know if it is possible to know the results of S2 - Amateur R / Star Latin . even with a donation .
thank you

10163 28/05/16 1302
name: Natalia Fridmanovich
Blsckpool marks

10162 26/05/16 1709
name: webmaster
You can view the publish dates by clicking the link on the Blackpool results page

10161 26/05/16 1214
name: john Lim
Black pool results availabilty ?

10160 16/03/16 0619
name: webmaster
As far as we are aware, scrutelle was not used for this competition, in which case the results will not be available on the scrutelle website

We suggest that you contact IDTA and encourage them to choose scrutineers who use scrutelle

10159 12/03/16 1927
name: intersted

When will the street results be available for the 2016 results

10158 11/03/16 1850
name: Dawn overs
Hi, when will idta streetdance 2016 results be posted , thanks?

10157 10/07/15 0648
name: tonyZhang
Great competition

10156 27/06/15 0701
name: webmaster
Sorry - I do not know. You need to contact the scrutineer for this competition

10155 27/06/15 0651
name: charmaine
Hi could you tell me when the results for the idta freestyle an rock n roll qualifier results will be posted .. thanku

10154 27/05/15 0958
name: Olga Ivanova
Dansclub "saltare antwerpen" belgium

10153 08/04/15 2235
name: Taz
Still no results of the idta medalist of the year could you please let me know when they are going to be posted on page

10152 08/04/15 2046
name: Hristina semova
Great competition

10151 06/04/15 0743
name: yulaa1
I want to see the results of competitions.

10150 05/04/15 1039
name: webmaster
They are shown on the results page

10149 05/04/15 0931
name: Anastasiya
I want to see the results of competitions.

10148 19/03/15 1907
name: Taz
Hi when is the nw medalist of the year results going to be displayed many thanks

10147 15/03/15 2331
name: Kim Parkes
Sorry its posted a few times..I didn't relise..whoops and thankyou

10146 15/03/15 2330
name: Kim Parkes
Hi. Can you post the results for the solo categories for IDTA Street Finals please. Thankyou.

10145 15/03/15 2330
name: Kim Parkes
Hi. Can you post the results for the solo categories for IDTA Street Finals please. Thankyou.

10144 15/03/15 2326
name: Kim Parkes
Are the solo results going to be entered for IDTA Street Finals.

10143 14/03/15 1104
name: webmaster
A number of similar enquiries have also been received by email. We have referred this matter to the scrutineer for this competition. He says he is having some difficulty owing to the large number of competitor changes that occurred on the day

10142 13/03/15 0942
name: Ciara
Are the solo categories going to be posted in the street dance finals?

10141 13/03/15 0759
name: webmaster
IDTA STREET DANCE FINALS results have now been posted

10140 12/03/15 1009
name: Ciara
Hi will the IDTA Nationwide Street Dance final results be published?

10139 10/03/15 1423
name: jayne
When will the idea St dance result be available please.

10138 03/12/14 0311
name: dancer
when the 4th Penang Open Dance Championship result turn up?

10137 23/10/14 0617
name: webmaster
I have no idea - I suggest you ask the organisers

10136 22/10/14 2321
name: rob ball
hi could you please tell me if the resent comp the hampshire festival is a dpa comp for leauge points please as my daughter danced in this comp but the marks have not gone on to the leauge ..many thanks

10135 10/10/14 0640
name: webmaster
Results uploads are at the discretion of the scrutineer with the agreement of the promoter/organizer and are beyond the control of scrutelle.info. I suggest you contact the scrutineer and ask them whether scrutelle was used for this competition and, if so, when they will be uploading the results. If you do not know who the scrutineer was then you will need to contact IDTA

10134 09/10/14 1204
name: Danielle
Can you please advise when the results for the IDTA NW MOY will be updated.

10133 01/07/14 0724
name: Marcel
Just a quick message from the Netherlands regarding the use of the new scrutelle version at our Dutch Championships on 14 and 15 June

The weekend went without a glitch !!! Compared to last year, the 3 scrutineers (I had some assistance) were amazed by the new version.

Last year at some moments during the days we had some backlog, this year we even had some spare time between events !!! And the entries were about the same as last year...

We also used the projector facility again without any big issues.

Especially the check for the correct number of recalls and the Check Marks function were of great benefit !!

10132 05/06/14 1750
name: webmaster
The qualifying rounds at Blackpool are usually set up as separate events and as a result the combined placings for qualifiying rounds + main event are not available. Estelle says that she will discuss, with the organisers, the possibility of combining these into a single event next year

10131 04/06/14 0000
name: Manfred S. Carl
I can not find the placing of couple 157 in D - Amateur Ballroom Qual May Dance Festival 2014 Blackpool, where can i find the placing of all competitors?

10130 27/05/14 0629
name: enrico pratesi
tanks for the scutelle

10129 26/05/14 1010
name: webmaster
Blackpool results will be posted on this site in accordance with the published schedule. There is a link to this on the Blackpool results page

10128 26/05/14 0932
name: Le Hoan
Could you send me the result of Rising ballrooom 2014 ?
Thanks so much ,

Best regards ,
Le Hoan.

10127 23/05/14 1849
name: webmaster
Welche Ergebnisse sie sind auf der Suche nach?

10126 23/05/14 1838
name: Helmer

10125 13/02/14 1714
name: Toni
I also ask when the NW qualifier results are being posted from the 9th of Feb.

10124 12/02/14 0925
name: webmaster
I have forwarded your query to the scrutineer

10123 11/02/14 2056
name: Sue
Hi do you know when the results from the IDTA North West Adult Qualifier are being uploaded? Thanks

10122 21/12/13 1044
name: webmaster
Thanks for drawing attention to this problem. Because of the complexity of this competition, each event is uploaded separately by the scrutineers after its final - it is all quite hectic and mistakes can happen. The marks for Event 15 R1-3 have now been uploaded

10121 21/12/13 0412
name: Phil
Dear Webmaster! Yes there are but it incomplete! There are no crosses for rounds 1-3, final results are available only.

10120 20/12/13 2229
name: webmaster
The World Under 14 Junior Ballroom is Event 15 and the results are available on the website

10119 20/12/13 1820
name: Phil
When the complete results for WDC AL DISNEY 2013? Especially 08 December World Under 14 Junior Ballroom?

10118 14/12/13 0905
name: Estelle Grassby
That decision has to be made purely by the organisers of individual festivals and has absolutely nothing to do with the scrutineers or scrutelle.

10117 14/12/13 0612
name: Sophia
I would like to know if couple from a country, does not have registration number from WCD or from National Dance Council, can they dance in a competition like Disney cup under the licence of WDC and Amateur League?

10116 25/11/13 1939
name: John
Hi Joanne I upload the results as soon as reasonably practicable. Due to IDTA NW Area rules, if you have any questions regarding an event, in future it will have to go through your Studio Principal.

10115 25/11/13 1109
name: webmaster
I have forwarded your comment to the scrutineer

10114 25/11/13 0915
name: Joanne
Will you be publishing the results from NW IDTA qualifier from yesterday (24th Nov)?

10113 05/11/13 1132
name: Antonio Franchitti
Sorted John, got your answer after previous post Thanks Toni

10112 05/11/13 1125
name: Antonio Franchitti
Sorry to be a pain but only half of the adults results are listed (events 1-16 are missing) and none of the kids for either NW MOY comps have been listed. Thanks Toni

10111 05/11/13 0723
name: webmaster
re 10108 - the results are now available

10110 05/11/13 0210
name: John
Antonio That was the surname that was supplied to me by your principal
if you click refresh on your browser you will see the rest of the results.
If that does not work then holding cntr and the pressing F5 will refresh the webpage from the server.
and if that doesnt work then it maybe worth tryihg clearing your cache.
What browser are you using? Have you got it set in "Private" mode

10109 05/11/13 0135
name: Antonio Franchitti
Dear John, You may have forgotten to load the ballroom and star dance results for adult NW MOY 2013. The latin results have been published. I also see my surname has been spelt wrongly

10108 04/11/13 1140
name: suzanne
Just wondered if the rosette results from yesterday at Wythenshawe will be going up as noticed the adult results are on. Both my girls danced in 3-5 & 6-8 competitions and would like to see how they got on.
Many thanks,

10107 16/10/13 0321
name: webmaster
Dear Elaine. Sorry not to have replied to your previous request, but we have been pre-occupied with the release of the new version of scrutelle. Results uploads are at the discretion of the scrutineer with the agreement of the promoter/organizer and are beyond the control of scrutelle.info. If you can give me more details of the competition, including the names of the promoter and if possible the scrutineer, we will look into it

10106 15/10/13 2322
name: Elaine wood
Could I ask why the results are not on from the medalist of the year please from the 29th of September

10105 04/10/13 1752
name: Elaine wood
Please can you tell me when the results will be on from the medalist of the year from Sunday 29th of September thank you x

10104 06/08/13 0611
name: webmaster
Please can you describe your problem

10103 06/08/13 0428
name: John Lim
Cannot surf results

10102 13/06/13 2213
name: webmaster
The results for IDTA NW SEQUENCE QUALIFIER are now available

Tracey - I sent you an email but the email address that you supplied was incorrect

10101 11/06/13 1624
name: Tracey
hi when will the NW IDTA medalist result be published?

10100 10/06/13 1307
name: Claire
Hi when are the results for the junior north west sequence qualifier (9th June) being posted?

10099 30/05/13 2227
name: DMITRY
Hello! You promised the Results will be posted 30 May (at the end of the evening) but results of Amateur Latin are steel not!

10098 27/05/13 1316
name: tonio
scrutelle senior 1 ballroom 2013

10097 19/05/13 1230
name: Estelle
Hello Mila
This competition was held under British Dance Council rules who, unfortunately, still use the mean average marking system for compiling Single Dance events. This means that as couple 25 did not dance in the final of the Tango they have to be allocated the mean average mark on the summary for the round in which they last danced whether, as in this case, they received 5 marks back to the final or 0

This is a rule I have been challenging for the past couple of years but have been unsuccessful in getting it changed to the one used by the World Dance Council rules under which they would have received the 7th placing on the summary for the Tango which they thoroughly deserve

10096 19/05/13 1228
name: Mila
Would it be possible to explain how come in Pro Standard Couple #25 has 7 place in Tango, but in SINGLE DANCE COMPILATION they have place 9.5?

10095 11/05/13 1706
name: eugenia
Great website

10094 10/04/13 1119
name: webmaster
They do now - thanks for reporting that problem

10093 10/04/13 1059
name: Antonio Franchitti
Can you tell me why the last two NW IDTA competitions results do not show on the individual records when you use the new search tool

10092 13/03/13 0641
name: webmaster
As far as we are aware, scrutelle was not used for this competition this year
We suggest that you contact IDTA and ask them if, where and when the results will be available on-line

10091 12/03/13 1350
name: marie
Hi just wondered when the Nationwide Street Dance results will be published?

10090 03/02/13 0814
name: webmaster
Now posted

10089 01/02/13 1035
name: Antonio Franchitti
This is for John Barlow
Are the NW Nationwide Qualifiers results being posted

10088 15/01/13 2338
name: Alexandra
it's ok.

10087 09/01/13 2131
name: kommy
Thank you this page!

10086 13/12/12 1649
name: webmaster
(10081) We have now retrieved the results for Blackpool Festival 2004-2008 from our archives, converted them to the current standard format and included them at the end of the results list. They are presented on a best-endeavours basis. If you see any errors please report them

10085 11/12/12 1406
name: Estelle Grassby
Missing and misspelt names are usually caused by competitors entering late. This means that the scrutineer has to try to read the, often, illegible writing and type in all the extra names at any spare moment they get throughout the competition. It is small wonder that mistakes happen. PLEASE COMPETITORS MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR ENTRIES IN BEFORE THE CLOSING DATE TO SAVE THESE PROBLEMS.

10084 11/12/12 1015
name: Ed
Dear Scrutelle operators,In the Competition 3 (Disney Professional Rising Star Ballroom) of the WDC AL DISNEY 2012 the names and results of the couples 91, 92 and 93 are missing.I hope you will be able to complete these competition results

10083 04/12/12 0550
name: webmaster
(10081) Angela - I can give you a further update on your request. In 2005, and again in 2007, the scope of the results display was modified to include better presentation of the final placings of all the competitors in each event. As a result, the results for competitions prior to 2007 have not been available in the necessary format for display. We have now trawled through our archives and have found the results for Blackpool 2004-2006. This information has been converted into the current format and is awaiting validation before we can make it available to the public. When that has been done the data will be added to the searchable results and to the main competitions lists in both Windows & Mobile formats

10082 03/12/12 1023
name: webmaster
(10081) Sorry Angela - we donít have the results saved for the Blackpool Festival before 2007. Try contacting the festival organisers

10081 03/12/12 1006
name: Angela Kim May Kung
I have registered at paypal system and paid 3 pounds purchasing the "search" function. But I could not get in to find the "exhibition" results of 2004 Blackpool Dance Festival. Only the results of 2007 up to 2012 are listed.
Would you kindly email me the results of 2004?

10080 22/11/12 1842
name: webmaster
(10079) As you are already paid up we have sent you an email with a link to go to on your mobile

10079 22/11/12 1759
name: Paul Wallace
iphone 4 How do I get the app. onto my mobile?

10078 09/11/12 0657
name: webmaster
(10077) It would be best if you can contact the scrutineer directly about this

10077 08/11/12 2217
name: antonio franchitti
John judges names are wrong in NW MOY and why have the 2009 MOY results been deleted

10076 25/06/12 1101
name: webmaster
(10075) Thanks for your query. Please can you give me the Competition Date Location and if possible the scrutineer and I will check the current situation. scrutelle.info does not have any contract with either the promoter or scrutineer for any competition other than an undertaking to provide an upload facility to any scrutineer/customer that takes out an upload licence. It is for the scrutineer to decide whether they want to upload

10075 23/06/12 2042
name: Leanne
Why are the NW junior sequence qualifiers results not being posted?

10074 31/05/12 1749
name: webmaster
(10066) The missing finals info is now available

10073 31/05/12 1303
name: webmaster
Jakub (10071)S2 - Amateur R/Star Latin Thursday 31 May - around midnight F - Professional R/Star Latin Friday 01 June around midnight

10072 31/05/12 1256
name: webmaster
Gianni (10070) If you are looking for a Blackpool result then go to http://www.scrutelle.info/results/estelle/2012/120524_blackpool If the event is not shown then maybe it is because it has not been uploaded Scroll down and you will see the days when results will be uploaded If the results have been posted and you want to see them on your smart phone Go to http://www.scrutelle.info/mobile/login.htm
and login Then go to http://www.scrutelle.info/mobile
scroll down and click on Blackpool 2012

10071 31/05/12 1240
name: Jakub Drmota
Rising Star Latina

10070 31/05/12 1112
name: Gianni Caliandro
we don't know in wich way we can find the result! Can you please explain to us?

10069 29/05/12 0152
name: Frank
Come on everybody £°

10068 28/05/12 1816
name: webmaster
(10067) Results release dates are shown on the main Blackpool results page. Estelle says she expects to upload around 1230 tonight

10067 28/05/12 1757
name: Anton
I want the results

10066 23/05/12 2300
name: webmaster
(10064) I believe you are referring to IDTA NW SEQUENCE QUALIFIERS APRIL 2012
Event 1 - 6-10 Stardance Girl These results were uploaded on Apr 18 22:55
It seems there was a problem with the upload I will pass on your query to the scruteineer

10065 23/05/12 2250
name: Maxine
(10064) Sorryn- Idta qualifier from 15th April - all other finals on but star dance girls isn't?

10064 23/05/12 2244
name: Maxine
Hi can I ask why there are no final results for the girls star dance 6-10 years on nw Idta sequence qualifiers at beginning of may 2012 ? Thanks

10063 20/05/12 1726
name: laura
Sorry my mistake i have found the adult results

10062 20/05/12 1723
name: laura
The results from the adult qualifiers were on but now when the link is opened there not there to view

10061 20/05/12 1114
name: webmaster
They were posted this morning

10060 20/05/12 1113
name: Aleks
Hello there - just wonder how soon can I look into today imperial competition ?

10059 20/05/12 1107
name: webmaster
Please clarify what you mean about results being removed

10058 18/05/12 1949
name: laura
Is there any way of recieving the results? Also how come the adults results have been removed?

10057 18/05/12 0507
name: webmaster
I have received an email from John Barlow, saying that his mother-in-law died on the day of the competition

He says he is sorry to disappoint people but out of respect to Viv, he will not be putting up the results. If anyone raises it again then please could they talk to him at the next area event they attend.

10056 17/05/12 2030
name: Tracey
Would lie the scrutineer John Barlow to explain why the results for the NW Sequence Qualifier are not going to be published?

10055 17/05/12 1712
name: louise
I was wondering why the NW sequence comp results from the 13th april are not going to be shown but the results from the other NW sequence comp from the other age groups a couple of weeks before was shown????

10054 16/05/12 2039
name: Kaden
Have you any idea when the NW Sequence qualifier results will appear as the page was created on 14th May but no results have been entered yet?

10053 14/05/12 1310
name: webmaster
I have updated the results list and put up the template and am waiting for the scrutineer to upload the results

10052 14/05/12 1248
name: alison edwards
I was wondering if you will updating the NW qualifier for oldtime and Modern sequence to inlude Sunday 13th May

10051 16/04/12 2156
name: webmaster
Which competition are we talking about here?

10050 16/04/12 2122
name: corona
where are the star dance results for yesterday 15th April

10049 10/04/12 1516
name: verginia
it's well competition

10048 09/04/12 1934
name: Jurga Jurksiene
i like to know results

10047 27/03/12 1022
name: webmaster
I believe that the results have now been corrected

10046 26/03/12 0930
name: webmaster
I am forwarding your query to the scrutineeer

10045 26/03/12 0034
name: Ernestas
Hello, We did the competition today at Reading, and we danced under 21 ballroom and Latin as number 145. But on the results it says that we were 146. Please advise. Many thanks Ernestas deringis

10044 05/03/12 0953
name: webmaster
It is up to the scrutineer to upload results to the scrutelle website
(provided, of course, they are using scrutelle) You could try contacting the scrutineer via the competition organiser

10043 04/03/12 2059
name: Samantha Powers
Is there any possibility that the results for the idta northwest qualifying rounds 2012 (adults and kids) can be published? Thank you

10042 26/02/12 1056
name: Vikkie
Hi I was wondering were the results are from SUDC (18/02/2012) in Bath last Saturday.

10041 21/02/12 1154
name: webmaster
Now uploaded. You will need to refresh your browser to see it

10040 18/02/12 2359
name: James
Hi, I was wondering if you had the final results for the Intermediate Latin at Sheffield 2011. It's the only thing that hasn't been put up and I was wondering if you had that data. Many thanks,

10039 23/01/12 1046
name: webmaster
They were posted today 23 January

10038 22/01/12 1631
name: Angelik
Hello when will you put the marks of uk championship

10037 18/01/12 1458
name: webmaster
They were posted on 18 December under


10036 29/12/11 1830
name: Marta
Could you publish results for the Heathrow Hotel Competition from 18.12.11 please?

Many thanks,

10035 05/12/11 1332
name: webmaster
As you will have discovered, you were a little early

The results were posted 20/21 Nov

10034 19/11/11 1228
name: Andrew Kevan
Not sure what goes wrong but we have tried everything from refeshing pages to rebooting but we never seem to be able to get resuls from your site. This time for the British National Championships all we can see is the result of the Formation teams and nothing else, so frustrating,do you have any suggestions PLEASE?
Kind regards,

10033 06/07/11 2229
name: webmaster
Hi simone porzio We can only publish results for competitions that are scrutineered using scrutelle So we suggest that you contact the promoter of this competition and urge them to get their scrutineer to use scrutelle

10032 30/06/11 1148
name: simone porzio
when will you pubish the results of the italian open championship?? tanks bye!!

10031 30/06/11 1145
name: simone porzio
quando mettete i risultati dell' italian open championship??

10030 25/06/11 0019
name: soulmate61
Magnifique !

10029 23/06/11 1255
name: webmaster
We have retrieved the Blackpool Results for 2007 & 2008

10028 16/06/11 2033
name: soulmate61
Is it possible access Blackpool Festival scores from 2007 and 2008? Thanks

10027 07/06/11 2225
name: webmaster
It is a stipulation laid down by the organisers of the Blackpool Dance Festival that individual judges marks are not published except in the final As you will see this is the same as in previous years

10026 04/06/11 1944
name: denise
Why are the 2011 blackpool judges marks not broken down by judges marks allocation.

10025 30/05/11 1610
name: RINO

10023 30/05/11 1448
name: marco
very well

10022 29/05/11 2024
name: marzia cencini
Grazie del lavoro che fate , Marzia e Mario .

10020 24/05/11 2314
name: webmaster
Thanks for your comments Jean & MaxineThe content of the results page is entirely determined by the scrutineers who use scrutelle, whether and when they want to upload the results of their competitions. We at scrutelle.info have no control over thisIn some cases the promoters/organisers impose their own constraints on the timing of the release of this informationFor high profile competitions like the Blackpool Dance Festival, we are able to say in advance when results will be availableIf you have any comment on the availability of results please contact the promoters. You can click on the mini-logo against the competition to link to their website

10019 21/05/11 2210
name: maxine holden
Hi, can i ask why you no longer include IDTA regional competition results such as IDTA NW medalist of year / Qualifers etc? I see in 2009 they were online but not in 2010 / 2011. Many thanks

10018 16/05/11 1739
name: Jean Gabeler
I visit scrutelle.info quite often, just to check competitions marks etc. I recently noticed some of the competitions like BDF are allready on the result-page list, also when the results are not yet available. Please give us feedback when results of a competition are available. It would be nice if you would just add a little icon next to the competition where the results are available.

10016 27/04/11 2308
name: nataliia
very good web site :) :) :)

10013 13/04/11 0630
name: webmaster
Unfortunately we cannot
scrutelle was not used on that competition

10012 12/04/11 1830
name: Naoko
When will you publish the results of the WDC-AL European Championships in Italy? Greetings from Naoko