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Paris Disney gets bigger and bigger each year !!
This year there were over 2100 competitors
in over 120 events




Scrutineer   Estelle Grassby  (powered by scrutelle)

1 Amateur Rising Star Ballroom
2 Junior U/14 Ballroom
3 Youth U/21 Latin
4 Juvenile U/10 Latin
7 Senior O/35 Latin
8 Latin Showdance
9 Dutch Pro. Ballroom
10 Amateur Rising Star Latin
11 Junior U/14 Latin
12 Juvenile U/10 Ballroom
13 Youth U/19 Ballroom
14 Senior O/55 Ballroom
15 Senior O/45 Ballroom
16 Senior O/35 Ballroom
17 Ballroom Showdance
18 Grand Prix Pro. Latin
19 Dutch Exhibition
21 Amateur Ballroom
23 Junior U/16 Ballroom
24 Juvenile U/12 Latin
25 Youth U/19 Latin
26 Pro-Am Ballroom
27 Professional Latin
28 Professional Exhibition
31 Amateur Latin
33 Youth U/21 Ballroom
34 Junior U/16 Latin
35 Juvenile U/12 Ballroom
36 Pro-Am Latin
37 Professional Ballroom
38 Dance Masters Open Ballroom
39 Dance Masters Open Latin
41 Regional Ballroom R.1
42 Regional Ballroom R.2A
43 Regional Ballroom R.2B
44 Regional Ballroom A
45 Regional Ballroom B
46 Regional Ballroom C
47 Regional Ballroom D
51 Pre-Amateur Ballroom R.1
51 Pre-Amateur Latin R.1
52 Pre-Amateur Ballroom R.2A
52 Pre-Amateur Latin R.2A
53 Pre-Amateur Ballroom R.2B
53 Pre-Amateur Latin R.2B
54 Pre-Amateur Ballroom A
54 Pre-Amateur Latin A
55 Pre-Amateur Ballroom B
55 Pre-Amateur Latin B
56 Pre-Amateur Ballroom C
56 Pre-Amateur Latin C
57 Pre-Amateur Ballroom D
57 Pre-Amateur Latin D
61 Regional Latin R.1
62 Regional Latin R.2A
63 Regional Latin R.2B
64 Regional Latin A
65 Regional Latin B
66 Regional Latin C
67 Regional Latin D
81 Ballroom Formation
82 Latin Formation

Scrutelle Version: 8.9.0 CM5.13.1 RM1.16.0
Results uploaded: 13/05/15 2320

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