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1Disney Under 10 Ballroom
2Disney Under 10 Latin
3Disney Under 12 Ballroom
4Disney Under 12 Latin
5Disney Under 14 Ballroom
6Disney Under 14 Latin
7Disney Under 16 Ballroom
8Disney Under 16 Latin
9Disney Under 19 Ballroom
10Disney Under 19 Latin
11Disney Under 21 Ballroom
12Disney Under 21 Latin
13Disney Over 35 Ballroom
14Disney Over 35 Latin
15Disney Over 45 Ballroom
16Disney Over 45 Latin
17Disney Over 55 Ballroom
18Disney Over 55 Latin
19Disney Amateur Ballroom
20Disney Amateur Latin
21World Under 12 Pre-Am Ballroom
22World Under 12 Pre-Am Latin
25World Pre-Am Under 21 Ballroom
26World Under 21 Pre-Am Latin
27World Pre-Am Over 35 Ballroom
28World Over 35 Pre-Am Latin
29World Pre-Amateur Ballroom
30World Pre-Amateur Latin
31World Under 10 All Girl Latin
32World Under 12 All Girl Latin
33World Under 14 All Girls Latin
34World Under 16 All Girl Latin
35World Under 19 All Girl Latin
36Under 12 All Girl Sequence
38World Under 10 Sequence
39World Under 12 Sequence 2-D
42World Juvenile 3-dance Sequence
45World Over 35 Modern Sequence
46World Over 35 Classical
47World Amateur Modern Sequence
48World Amateur Classical
52Disney U/12 Streetdance Solo
54Disney Youth Streetdance Solo
55Disney Amateur Streetdance Solo
56Disney Salsa
59Disney Youth Streetdance Group
60Disney Amateur Streetdance Group
61Disney U/10 Streetdance Solo
62Disney U/12 Streetdance Solo
63Disney U/16 Streetdance Solo
64Disney Youth Streetdance Solo
65Disney Amateur Streetdance Solo
66World Salsa
67World Belly Dance Solo
69World Youth Streetdance Groupo
70World Amateur Streetdance Group
73Junior 4-Couple Formation
74World Junior 6/8 Couple Formation
75World Adult 6/8 Couple Formation
81World Under 10 Ballroom (Rest)
82World Under 10 Latin (Rest)
83World Under 10 Ballroom
84World Under 10 Latin
85World Under 12 Ballroom (Rest)
86World Under 12 Latin (Rest)
87World Under 12 Ballroom
88World Under 12 Latin
89World Under 14 Ballroom
90World Under 14 Latin
91World Under 16 Ballroom
92World Under 16 Latin
93World Under 19 Ballroom
94World Under 19 Latin
95World Under 21 Ballroom
96World Under 21 Latin
97World Over 35 Ballroom
98World Over 35 Latin
99World Over 45 Ballroom
100World Over 45 Latin
101World Over 55 Ballroom
102World Over 55 Latin
103World Amateur Ballroom
104World Amateur Latin
105Disney Showdance Ballroom
106Disney Showdance Latin
107Rising Star Professional Ballroom
108Rising Star Professional Latin
109Disney Professional Exhibition
110Disney Professional Ballroom
111Disney Professional Latin

Scrutelle Version:
Page created: 24/09/15 0613

The scrutineering computer program scrutelle was
written under the direction of Estelle Grassby

For further details visit

We now have a mirror site, which will be available for the Blackpool Dance Festival (China) at which scrutelle will be used is generally not visible from within China, so this will enable results to be uploaded from Shanghai and published on-line

For furher details click here


scrutelle-TCP allows the input of judges marks using tablets and was first released in 2013 - details

However it is little used in the UK and there are a number of possible reasons for this

(1) WiFi in most competition venues is not sufficiently reliable

(2) In many competitions, late entries are permitted, sometimes even after one or more heats have been danced. With paper input, judges can enter the numbers of any additional late entries onto the marksheet by hand (leaving the scrutineer to sort out the names when they get the opportunity!). We have yet to devise a simple and robust way of doing this with tablet input

(3) Organisers are wary of the new technology and also are unwilling to invest in the necessary hardware

scrutelle-TCP was used successfully this year at the UKDC Europeans competition - details

The projector function in scrutelle-CM
in use at ASSEN 2013 - details


Do you want to understand how the Skating System
rules of scrutineering are applied and how your
result is calculated?

Then why not purchase a copy of
The A-Z of Scrutineering by Estelle Grassby
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